Neural Transit

Vehicle Detection and Counting

Brought to you by Infinity Neural, Neural Transit stands at the forefront of image analysis and computer vision in the transportation realm. Seamlessly detecting, segmenting, classifying, and counting vehicles within a camera’s purview, it showcases a suite of both advanced and unique features.

Unparalleled Accuracy

In the realm of vehicle detection, Neural Transit truly excels in its precision and attention to detail. This system adeptly identifies every vehicle type, be it cars, lorries, motorbikes, caravans, or bicycles within imagery or footage. By delivering a comprehensive insight into the traffic environment, it paves the way for more in-depth analysis in subsequent stages.

Neural Transit Capabilities

The integration of the state-of-the-art Hypertracking technology within Neural Transit grants the power to identify and track up to 3,072 vehicles per second at each counting point entrance without any drop in accuracy. Given this high-speed tracking prowess, no vehicle escapes attention, ensuring a thorough and detailed insight into the traffic scenario.

Moreover, Neural Transit affords an exceptional degree of control and customisation, enabling the establishment of checkpoint settings. Users can set up to 4,096 checkpoints per processing cell, with the capacity for 4,096 cells per event. That’s a staggering total of over 16 million points, giving users unparalleled control over where and how vehicle analysis is executed.

Upon detection, Neural Transit swiftly segments and categorises the vehicles. It’s proficient in sorting vehicles into various brackets such as cars, freight lorries, tanker trucks, motorbikes, caravans, and bicycles, to mention just a few. Its counting feature offers a meticulous quantitative breakdown, enumerating the volume of vehicles within each category.

Compatibility-wise, Neural Transit seamlessly integrates, ensuring faultless operation and maintained accuracy with leading brands like Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Samsung, and ONVIF. This adaptability renders Neural Transit an indispensable tool, well-suited to dovetail with an array of pre-existing surveillance systems.

In terms of resilience and reliability, Neural Transit shines by operating impeccably across diverse lighting conditions and settings. It remains unaffected by light fluctuations and delivers unparalleled performance both indoors and outdoors, day or night.

Boasting an impressive 98-99.9% efficacy in vehicle detection, even in bustling traffic zones, Neural Transit guarantees unparalleled accuracy. With a genuine error margin of just 0.1-1%, it stands out as the pinnacle of precision in all traffic contexts.

Continuously evolving and learning, Neural Transit stays abreast of any shifts or alterations in the visual environment. As an integral component of Infinity Neural’s suite, Neural Transit emerges as an invaluable asset, delivering top-notch visual analysis that remains at the cutting edge of data analysis and compression technology. With its assistance, you’ll gain a profound, in-depth understanding of the ongoings on the roads.

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