Neural Plant

Plant Analysis Tool

Neural Plant, a distinguished solution by Infinity Neural, specialises in image analysis and computer vision for the agricultural and botanical sectors. This advanced tool meticulously detects, segments, classifies, and monitors the growth of diverse plant species, using an array of sophisticated and unparalleled features.

Unmatched Precision

Neural Plant stands out for its adeptness in plant detection, with its capacity to pinpoint a wide array of plant species from images or videos. This feature provides a comprehensive insight into the botanical landscape, facilitating more in-depth analysis in later stages.

Applications of Neural Plant

High-speed Tracking: Leveraging the power of Hypertracking technology, Neural Plant can meticulously identify and monitor up to 3,072 plants per second within any designated area, all while maintaining impeccable precision. This ensures that every plant is accounted for, making detailed growth observations feasible.

Extensive Monitoring Points: With Neural Plant, one has the capability to set up to 4,096 checkpoints per processing cell and as many as 4,096 cells per event. This translates to an impressive over 16 million checkpoints, granting users an unparalleled level of control and customisation in their plant analysis strategies.

Segmentation & Detailed Analysis: Once detected, each plant is distinctly isolated in the imagery for comprehensive individual analysis. Neural Plant then efficiently categorises these plants based on factors like species, health status, and growth stage. This not only aids in understanding the present state but also enables the tracking of each plant’s growth, a boon for those in the agricultural sector.

Compatibility: Neural Plant is designed to integrate seamlessly with industry-leading brands, including Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Samsung, and ONVIF. This extensive compatibility ensures Neural Plant can be a versatile addition to many existing monitoring infrastructures.

Adaptive Functionality: Whether you’re dealing with the bright midday sun, the subtle lighting of dusk, indoor settings, or outdoor expanses, Neural Plant is adaptable. It guarantees precise and consistent plant tracking, regardless of environmental conditions.

Enhance your crop efficiency with Neural Plant

From meticulous species identification to individual plant segmentation and growth monitoring.

Elevate your agricultural insights and make informed decisions.