Neural Object

Object Detection and Counting

Neural Object, a premier solution from Infinity Neural, stands at the forefront of image analysis and computer vision technology. This ready-to-deploy artificial intelligence tool sets a new standard in the detection, segmentation, classification, and counting of objects within a camera’s visual range, equipped with an array of advanced and distinct features.

Object Detection and Counting

Neural Object’s primary functionality centres on object detection. Drawing upon its robust artificial intelligence tech, Neural Object pinpoints all items within an image or video sequence. This provides a detailed insight into the visual surroundings, paving the way for further in-depth study.

To bolster its detection prowess, Neural Object employs the state-of-the-art Hypertracking technology. This sophisticated system is capable of tracking a staggering 3,072 objects per second within each counting zone, all whilst maintaining impeccable precision. Such swift-tracking ensures that no detail goes unnoticed, guaranteeing comprehensive scrutiny.

Segmentation and Classification of Objects

Once identified, Neural Object turns its attention to segmentation, distinguishing each individual item within the snapshot. This feature accentuates Neural Object’s capability in dissecting and understanding the visual scene.

Moreover, the solution facilitates the setting up of checkpoints. Users can establish up to 4,096 checkpoints per processing unit, and with up to 4,096 units per event, that’s a whopping 16 million checkpoints. This bestows users with unparalleled control and tailoring over where and how the object assessment takes place.

Upon segmentation, Neural Object sorts objects into distinct categories. This classification stage grants a systematic and clear overview of the myriad items present in one’s line of sight. Additionally, Neural Object’s counting functionality allows for a granular quantitative breakdown of the setting, tallying the number of objects per category.

The system takes pride in its broad compatibility, seamlessly interfacing with renowned brands such as Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Samsung, and ONVIF. This extensive adaptability positions Neural Object as a flexible solution, seamlessly integrating into a range of established systems.

Neural Object stands out for its reliability, irrespective of light fluctuations and locales. It remains unfazed by changing light conditions, functioning optimally both inside and out, come rain or shine.

Its effectiveness is nothing short of remarkable, claiming a 98-99.9% accuracy in pinpointing individuals, even in the thickest of crowds. This translates to a nominal error rate of 0.1-1%, ensuring top-notch precision across the board.

With its innate ability to adapt and evolve, Neural Object remains attuned to any nuances or shifts in the visual landscape. As an integral facet of Infinity Neural’s suite, Neural Object is a truly indispensable asset, delivering peerless visual analysis at the forefront of computer vision technology.

Overlook not a single detail

With Neural Object, gain an unparalleled perspective of your environment