Neural Zoa

Animal Detection and Counting

Neural Zoa stands out as one of the flagship products we employ in our cutting-edge technological solutions. This groundbreaking product, designed with a keen focus on accuracy and adaptability, is revolutionising how we understand and engage with the animal kingdom. With an astounding accuracy rate of up to 99%, it’s applied across a myriad of sectors and settings, from tracking and monitoring animals to enhancing operational efficiency for a broad spectrum of users.

Animal Behaviour Analysis

Beyond its standout efficacy in detecting and diagnosing specific animal pathologies, Neural Zoa shines in its ability to monitor and dissect animal behaviour. It provides invaluable insights to enhance the care and handling of various species. Capable of detecting even the most subtle shifts in an animal’s appearance or behaviour, it plays a pivotal role in triggering timely alerts in our bespoke solutions. This empowers users to implement swift and effective corrective actions, consequently boosting animal welfare and the overall operational efficiency.

Versatility at its best

Neural Zoa’s adaptability stands out as one of its crowning assets. Tailored effortlessly to meet any user’s requirements, it delivers immense value across diverse scenarios. A prime instance of its utility is its adeptness at detecting animal presence across varied terrains. If animals intrude into restricted zones like motorways, construction sites, or production lines, Neural Zoa can trigger predefined responses, be it emitting warning tones or automatic illumination. This proactive approach not only bolsters human safety but also acts as a safeguard for animals, deterring them from venturing into areas of potential harm.

Incorporating a groundbreaking tracking technology, dubbed ‘Hypertracking’, Neural Zoa can pinpoint and trace up to 3,072 animals every second across each counting zone access. Furthermore, it supports the embedding of up to 4,096 control points per processing cell and as many as 4,096 cells per event, aggregating to a staggering 16 million-plus control points. The resilience of Hypertracking to fluctuating light conditions ensures stellar performance both indoors and out, irrespective of the time of day.

Neural Zoa’s compatibility is vast, guaranteeing impeccable integration without any compromise on precision with industry stalwarts such as Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Samsung, and ONVIF. Moreover, it boasts a remarkable 98-99.9% accuracy rate in detecting beings, even in highly congested access points, translating to a mere 0.1-1% margin of error.

Neural Zoa is truly a game-changer, augmenting the efficacy of our solutions manifold. With its 99% precision, adaptability, and an unwavering focus on safety, it ushers in a paradigm shift in how we perceive and navigate our natural and technological milieu. Incorporating it into your operations might just be the catalyst for a transformative leap in your process efficiency and security.

Elevate your animal care standards with Neural Zoa.

Stay a step ahead, discern behavioural shifts, and execute rapid, informed decisions.

Detection, Diagnosis, Direct Action