UPON: Cutting-edge technology to optimise your processes

We optimise your business processes through artificial intelligence and security engineering

In today’s dynamic business landscape, firms are not only up against constant external threats but also the daily challenge of enhancing their processes and looking after their staff. Solid security is vital for safeguarding a company’s assets and its workforce. But it’s just as essential to have a deep, measurable grasp of how business operations perform and to adjust based on those insights.

UPON Group ticks both boxes. We offer robust and dependable security solutions while equipping you with AI tools that deliver a comprehensive view of your company’s processes and how they’re performing. In a world where everything’s linked, and every decision matters, our insights spot opportunities, keeping you always one step ahead.

With over two decades under our belt, our know-how ensures second-to-none efficiency. Plus, with our own bespoke AI engine, we guarantee the crafting of the perfect solutions for every situation, with top-notch accuracy and speedy delivery.

Reap the benefits of years of expertise and a true dedication to excellence. Together, we plot a strategic course towards a safe and streamlined future.

Inteligencia artificial más avanzada para el análisis y la interacción con el entorno.

Infinity Neural

The most advanced artificial intelligence technology for analysing and interacting with the environment

Inteligencia artificial más avanzada para el análisis y la interacción con el entorno.


Your strategic partner in security engineering


UPON Group stands out for its efficiency, a product of years of experience and continuous evolution. Our integrated approach allows us to deliver swift and accurate solutions, adapting to the ever-changing market needs and ensuring optimal results for our clients.


With decades of history, UPON Group is synonymous with consolidated expertise. Over the years, we have refined our know-how, allowing us to provide tailored solutions, anticipate challenges, and ensure complete client satisfaction


UPON Group stands at the forefront of innovation, driven by an unwavering commitment to technological excellence. This mindset of continual betterment, combined with our companies’ experience, allows us to deploy cutting-edge solutions, staying ahead of market trends and providing our clients with an unparalleled competitive edge.

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