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Our tailored solutions are crafted to address the unique hurdles within each segment of your business. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your sales department’s efficiency, streamline your production processes, or elevate your customer service quality, we’ve got the precise answer for you.

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Analysis Solutions Tailored for Process Excellence

Lemon Neural

Customer Experience

Delve deep into customer behaviour, refining your client-facing operations to elevate the user experience.

  • People counting.

  • Age, gender, and ethnicity detection.
  • Grouping assessment and demographic breakdown.
  • Queue analysis and wait time monitoring.
  • Journey tracking, dwell areas, and duration analysis.
  • Specific actions and movements detection.

Ruby Neural

Logistics Efficiency

Harness detailed insights into your logistical activities, ensuring optimal processes and flawless operability.

  • Usage of cranes, gantries, forklifts, trolleys, etc.

  • Condition monitoring of boxes, packaging, stacked goods, and inventory management.
  • Loading bay usage, load and unload durations, and car park occupancy.
  • Traffic light control and route optimisation.

Black Neural

People Safety

Ensure your operatives are safe, optimising your risk prevention plan.

  • Personal protective equipment usage.
  • Lone worker safety.
  • Ergonomic hazards.
  • Vehicle collision risks, restricted zones, traffic light controls, and dynamic safety.
  • Personnel in hazardous zones (cranes, active machines, etc.).
  • Capacity monitoring.
  • Pair work supervision.
  • Behavioural patterns: running, sitting, falls.

Teal Neural

Production Efficiency

Elevate your production activities, ensuring seamless processes and reliability.

  • Machine interruptions, performance shifts, fault management, lubrication checks, leakage identification, component function, and material jam detection.
  • Conveyor issues: blockages, breaks, and spillages from toppled containers.
  • Silos: leakages and improper loadings.
  • Unattended machinery and temperature variations.
  • Process monitoring, raw material management, production efficiency, cycle time metrics, and downtime analysis.

Grey Neural

Mobility Analysis

Navigate vehicular traffic to ensure efficient and safe flow, thereby refining the driver’s experience.

  • Roadway and lane usage, tunnel capacities, and segmented analysis.
  • Vehicle categorisation.
  • Car park analytics: availability, usage patterns, stay durations, ingress and egress trends.
  • Toll areas: traffic flows, wait times, vehicle types, queue measurements, traffic patterns, and peak time forecasting.
  • Service and electric charging areas.
  • Industrial and logistic centre access controls.

Rust Neural

Infrastructure Integrity

Real-time insights into your infrastructural health, prioritising preservation and dodging unnecessary costs. This comprises two key sectors:

Industrial Infrastructure

Temperature monitoring within infrastructure and electrical panels.

  • Liquid or gas leakages and fire detection.
  • Wear and tear in pipelines (corrosion, rust, leaks, blockages, breaks).
  • Pits: waste accumulation and flooding.
  • Industrial furniture condition.
  • Door and window state monitoring against noise, odour, or wildlife intrusion.

Infraestructuras civiles

Water level metrics (rivers, dams, canals, reservoirs) and blockage detection.

  • Vegetation and wildlife control.

  • Infrastructure damages and traffic routes.
  • Obstacle detection and slope analysis.
  • Cleanliness checks on infrastructure and drains.
  • Proper usage monitoring.
  • Sports turf maintenance.

What can you achieve with the insights gleaned?

The products from Interaction Solutions seamlessly integrate with external components of Infinity Neural, either to act upon detected data or to showcase the gathered intelligence in our clients’ digital solutions or our Business Intelligence app. This capability amplifies the effectiveness of our clients’ current solutions, propelling machine interactivity and automation of processes.

Integrate our solutions with your own devices

Neural React

Neural React offers seamless interconnection with third-party devices, enabling alarms to sound, information or advertisement screens to display tailored messages, or even to dispatch text or voice messages, all based on the intelligence captured by our cameras.

This comprehensive product provides an array of effective solutions for communication, security, and process management.

  • Customise the displayed information on advertisement or informational screens, tailoring to the needs or interests of the target audience.
  • Customise the displayed information on advertisement or informational screens, tailoring to the needs or interests of the target audience.
  • Plan the dispatch of voice and text messages for rapid and efficient communication of critical information or tailored content for advertising purposes.
  • Integrate our system with your alarm and control centre to gain a holistic view of facility operations. Neural React logs incidents, processes alarms and notifications in real-time, ensuring swift response to emergencies and continuous monitoring of system and equipment performance.

Neural BI

Neural Business Intelligence captures and analyses information from varied sources, presenting it in reports, dashboards, and customisable data visualisations, elucidating patterns and trends.

This avant-garde tool transforms vast data volumes into actionable insights, facilitating informed business decisions.

  • Neural BI features an array of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), both predefined and customisable, allowing you to gauge performance across various areas.
  • The user-friendly interface is access-controlled with custom permission levels and provides intricate data analysis and invaluable business perspectives.
  • Praised for its scalability, Neural BI flawlessly integrates with other business systems, being compatible with all Neural solutions and seamlessly connecting to other applications and databases.
  • Neural BI’s customer support ensures businesses can fully exploit the platform’s capabilities.

Neural API

Neural API acts as the linchpin between systems, facilitating efficient data interchange. This interface bolsters system integration and collaboration, enabling data exchanges and feature accessibility without deep system understanding.

This tool is invaluable for any organisation aiming to supercharge system integration and derive maximum value from its digital technologies.

  • Beyond mere communication, Neural API also facilitates task automation, real-time data synchronisation, and third-party service access, ranging from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to social media platforms or data analytics systems.
  • With Neural API, businesses can establish an integrated digital ecosystem encompassing all systems and apps, enhancing operational efficiency while unlocking new business avenues, an enriched customer experience, and fresh revenue streams.
  • This Application Programming Interface is designed for effortless implementation and usage, supported by comprehensive documentation for your peace of mind.
  • Neural API is fully compatible with all Neural solutions.

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With Infinity Neural, every hurdle becomes an opportunity for advancement.

With Infinity Neural, every hurdle becomes an opportunity for advancement