Ruby Neural

Seeking to enhance your logistics efficiency?


Ruby Neural uses cutting-edge technologies like computer vision, deep learning, and predictive data analytics to streamline important aspects of the logistics industry. This includes managing vehicle fleets, controlling warehouses, handling cargo, and loading/unloading trucks.

Our solution is specifically designed to simplify and improve complex logistics processes. It can help make your business safer, more agile, more profitable, and more environmentally friendly.

Unlock your space’s full potential with our optimisation solution.

Organization and order are

the cornerstones of efficiency

How many cargo vehicles are used each day? What percentage of the time do they travel with and without cargo? Where are they located at any given moment? Is the cargo on the trucks in the correct state? Have the appropriate protections been applied? Are the doors closed?

Where is a particular item of merchandise located along the logistics chain? Are the boxes stacked correctly and could their arrangement be made more efficient? Are finished products consistently directed to the correct palletisation point within the facility?

At what speed is the cargo loaded and unloaded? Are quality standards being met? Are there any incidents or delays? What is the level of dock occupancy throughout the day? Is the merchandise coming in or going out with defective packaging?

Strategic optimisation of the supply chain and logistics processes

Equipped with the revolutionary Infinity Neural technology, Ruby Neural provides complete control over your operations flow, maximising efficiency and minimising risks.

With our powerful system, you can actively monitor both internal and external vehicle traffic in real-time, ensuring a smooth and safe flow of transportation operations. This allows you to prevent accidents and hazardous situations, ensuring a high level of safety for your employees and assets.

But Ruby Neural goes beyond just logistics, expanding its capabilities to enhance your warehouse management. The system is designed for you to maintain an accurate inventory record, tracking the location and status of each item in real-time. This functionality makes it easy to maintain optimal stock levels and quickly identify any discrepancies in inventory.

Take the next step in operational efficiency

Thanks to mechanical applications, with Ruby Neural, you can also optimise the layout and utilisation of space in your warehouse. Through intelligent analysis of the dimensions and characteristics of stored products, combined with demand patterns, Ruby Neural suggests the relocation of your products to maximise the use of available space and enhance order picking efficiency.

With Ruby Neural, you won’t just optimise your spaces, but you’ll also maximise their potential. Our comprehensive solution addresses all aspects of logistics and warehouse management, providing a clear and detailed view of your operations and enabling informed and strategic decision-making.

Multiple Tangible Benefits

Ruby Neural utilises advanced learning techniques to achieve safer, more agile, cost-effective, and sustainable logistics operations. It’s a comprehensive solution that’s revolutionising the industry.

Significantly increased operational efficiency through intelligent automation and workflow optimisation.

Drastic improvements in safety and regulatory compliance through rigorous inspections and automated controls.

A significant reduction in operational costs through proactive error prevention and resource optimisation.

Maximisation of customer satisfaction through perfect and timely deliveries.

Informed decision-making and early action on issues thanks to predictive analysis.

Seamless integration with existing systems for a smooth transition.

Efficient logistics at your fingertips

Do you want to improve your logistics operations and get real-time insights into how efficiently your vehicles are being used?