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Crafting a workplace aiming for risk-free conditions

People’s Safety

In the intricate realm of industry where every worker’s safety is of utmost importance, innovation acts as a shield of unparalleled reach, and Black Neural stands as the tool for the new age of occupational safety. Aiming to minimise risks and establish secure settings, our solution harnesses the power of vision to capture every nuance, spot potential hazards, and implement preventive actions with unmatched speed and accuracy.

Give your workforce the safety conditions they rightfully deserve.

Cutting-edge technology

to bolster your Health and Safety measures

Are individuals near vehicles, cranes, or active machines? Are staff in loading zones, placing themselves at risk?

Are people or vehicles outside designated areas? Is there a collision risk? Are vehicles ignoring proper order?

Do workers wear their Personal Protective Equipment all workday? Have they the necessary gear for specific areas?

Has any staff member collapsed in a restricted access area? Are any actions being undertaken that pose safety or ergonomic risks?

Machines can be unyielding, and industrial settings complex. Our technology offers an additional layer of insight to navigate these challenges. Every detail, motion, and potentially hazardous situation is captured and assessed by our advanced systems, supplementing the safety measures already in place and supporting informed, real-time decision-making.

While we strive for the utmost safety, our goal is to enhance existing protocols, not replace them. Delve into a refined approach to workplace safety where artificial vision serves as an integral tool, complementing the comprehensive safety measures every worker deserves.

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