Neural Catch

Action, Behaviour, and Movement Recognition

Infinity Neural’s Neural Catch is a sophisticated video analysis tool crafted to pinpoint, identify, and meticulously assess actions executed by subjects or objects within captured imagery. This system delves deeper than mere movement detection, interpreting actions in line with specific criteria, offering an elevated level of insight and oversight to video analysis.

Types of Detection

Detections might encompass a range of situations and scenarios, from crossing a clearly marked line, breaching restricted zones, identifying snags in industrial processes, abrupt shifts in the scene, to spotting objects or animals in no-go areas. Each of these events can prompt specific responses or alerts, ensuring effective oversight of the surveyed environment.

What Neural Catch Offers

This solution boasts the capability to craft a virtual silhouette of individuals caught on camera. This feature provides a thorough breakdown of limb movement and overall bodily motion, proving invaluable in a medley of contexts, from averting injuries in the workplace to pinpointing dodgy or perilous behaviours.

Furthermore, Neural Catch can astutely gauge the speed and duration linked to a specific action or item. For example, it can clock the speed of a moving vehicle or reckon the time an individual spends on a particular task. These functionalities markedly augment environmental surveillance, bestowing a richer and more comprehensive glimpse into ongoing proceedings.

A standout characteristic of Neural Catch is its knack for anticipating behaviours. By analysing movement and behavioural patterns over time, the system can suss out looming hazards before they come to pass. This foresight is anchored in a meticulous study of the actions of subjects caught on film, allowing system operators to enact preventive steps to curtail risks.

The seamless melding of Neural Catch with all Neural solutions further bolsters its utility and potency. This fusion facilitates an expansion of detection parameters and interaction based on observed behaviour, granting an unmatched level of control and malleability. All in all, Infinity Neural’s Neural Catch is setting new standards in the realm of astute video analysis, offering a robust and highly adaptable instrument for overseeing any setting.

Anticipate hazards and make informed choices

Want to prevent injuries, identify suspicious behaviours, or predict risky situations?