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Anomaly Detection

In today’s industrial environment, every minute of downtime can be costly. Therefore, early and accurate detection of anomalies is critical to maintain efficiency and minimise costs. Teal Neural provides a cutting-edge solution to this challenge.

Our solution employs advanced artificial intelligence techniques to continuously and meticulously monitor conveyor belts, a fundamental element in many industries. This system is capable of identifying any deviation from standard operation, including mechanical issues, unexpected stoppages, or any other irregularity that could compromise process efficiency.

In addition to simply identifying anomalies, Teal Neural can also diagnose the underlying cause and suggest corrective actions. Is it a mechanical failure that requires immediate repair? Is it a programming issue that can be resolved by adjusting operating parameters? Is it a temporary disruption caused by external factors?

By providing answers to these questions, Teal Neural enables plant operators to make informed, data-driven decisions to swiftly resolve issues.

But anomaly detection is not just about reactivity; it’s also about prevention. Teal Neural can analyse data collected over time to identify patterns and predict future anomalies before they become serious problems. This means that Teal Neural not only solves problems as they arise but also helps prevent them, thereby maximising efficiency and profitability.

Incorporating Teal Neural into your production process will not only provide you with a solution for anomaly detection but also pave the way toward a smarter and more efficient production environment. With its ability to detect, diagnose, and predict anomalies, Teal Neural offers valuable peace of mind, freeing your team to focus on what they do best.

Speed Optimisation

Efficiency and productivity in a production line are critical for any manufacturing business. Teal Neural optimises the production pace by adjusting the speed of conveyor belts in real-time based on daily needs.

In most production lines, the pace of work remains constant and doesn’t adapt to dynamic changes that occur in the production process. This can lead to inefficient production, with periods of congestion and times when the conveyor belt is idle.

Teal Neural monitors the production line in real-time and adapts the speed of conveyor belts to current conditions. For example, if it detects an increase in the quantity of products arriving at a workstation, it can increase the conveyor belt’s speed to prevent congestion.

Similarly, if it identifies a decrease in the pace of work, it can reduce the conveyor belt’s speed to prevent downtime and save energy.

Real-time optimisation of production pace not only maximises process efficiency but can also extend the lifespan of machinery by avoiding unnecessary wear and tear that occurs when the conveyor belt operates at a constant speed regardless of working conditions.

Furthermore, by preventing congestion and downtime, Teal Neural enhances workplace safety by reducing the likelihood of accidents caused by either excessive work speed or an overflow of products on the conveyor belt.

Product Tracking

In the modern production environment, it’s increasingly critical not only to produce at an efficient pace but also to have complete control over each unit produced.

Implementing Teal Neural provides a solution for this.

Its sophisticated tracking capability can trace the progress of individual products along the conveyor belt, offering unprecedented visibility into the production process.

Benefits of Product Tracking

Individual product tracking offers multiple benefits. Firstly, it enhances production data collection. With Teal Neural, every unit produced can be tracked and analysed in real-time, allowing for detailed information on cycle times, production efficiency, and other key aspects of the production process to be collected. This information, in turn, can be used to identify improvement opportunities and further optimise production.

Secondly, product tracking improves traceability, an increasingly important aspect in many industries. With the ability to trace each product through all stages of production, companies can provide concrete evidence of the quality of their production and effectively respond to any issues or inquiries. In the event of a defect or product recall, traceability enables companies to quickly identify and resolve the problem, minimising damages and associated costs.

Lastly, product tracking can enhance customer satisfaction. By having complete visibility into their production process, companies can provide customers with detailed information about the manufacturing of their products, demonstrating their commitment to quality and transparency.


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Are your transport lines not performing at their best?

Learn how you can increase their performance in the simplest way.

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Are your transport lines not performing at their best?

Learn how you can increase their performance in the simplest way.

Learn how you can increase their performance in the simplest way.