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Material Jam Detection

Any interruption in a production line, especially those caused by material jams, can be tremendously detrimental. Not only can they damage equipment and materials, but they can also lead to unexpected production stoppages resulting in lost time and resources.

Teal Neural is designed to constantly monitor the flow of materials through machinery and the production line. By employing advanced deep learning algorithms, Teal Neural can detect subtle variations in material speed, density, and alignment that may indicate an impending jam.

In the event that a jam is detected, Teal Neural immediately alerts production line personnel, providing the exact location and nature of the problem. This allows for a swift response, minimizing downtime and preventing potential machinery damage.

Furthermore, it provides vital information for preventing similar issues in the future. By collecting and analysing data on the circumstances leading to jams, Teal Neural can help identify patterns and trends that could signal problematic areas or processes that need adjustment. This type of analysis is essential for optimising the production line and preventing issues before they occur.

Temperature Change Management

Teal Neural detects any variations in machinery temperature, enabling:

  • Accident and costly breakdown prevention.
  • Implementation of preventive maintenance tasks.
  • Monitoring energy usage and costs.
  • Measuring temperature in processes requiring specific temperature ranges.

Energy Consumption and Cost Monitoring

Energy cost can be a significant burden in production operations, and any savings in this area can have a direct and positive impact on overall profitability.

Teal Neural collects real-time data on your machinery’s energy consumption. This can include factors such as energy consumption during normal operations, energy spikes during peak activity periods, and energy usage during idle times.

Subsequently, Teal Neural processes and analyses this data, identifying patterns and trends. This analysis helps understand how your machinery’s temperatures fluctuate in relation to energy consumption. This way, you can identify peak energy consumption times and the conditions that cause them, as well as areas where consumption is unnecessarily high.

Finally, Teal Neural suggests energy-saving strategies based on the collected and analysed data. These strategies may include adjustments in how machinery is operated, changes in work practices to avoid energy consumption peaks, or even maintenance and machinery upgrades to improve energy efficiency.

Teal Neural provides a clear understanding of where energy is being spent and how it can be saved. This understanding can lead to significant energy savings, reducing long-term costs, improving operational efficiency, and contributing to the organisation’s sustainability efforts.

Temperature Control in Specific Processes

In many industrial sectors, certain production processes require strict and precise temperature management. These can range from food manufacturing, where temperature can affect product safety and quality, to plastics and steel production, where temperature levels can directly impact the properties of the final material. In these cases, Teal Neural becomes an invaluable ally, providing constant and accurate temperature control.

Teal Neural can be programmed to continuously monitor temperatures at critical points in the production process. With its advanced artificial intelligence technology, this system can accurately measure temperatures and provide real-time updates to operators or even process control systems.

If a process’s temperature deviates from its established range, Teal Neural issues immediate alerts that allow operators or automated systems to take swift corrective action to return to optimal conditions. This early detection of temperature deviations can prevent product quality issues, process disruptions, and production losses.

Additionally, Teal Neural records and analyses temperature data over time, which is essential for continuous improvement. By examining this data, engineers and production managers can identify patterns and trends that might otherwise go unnoticed. This enables temperature management optimisation and enhances process efficiency and quality.

Raw Material Management

Production Efficiency

Teal Neural counts and tracks the number of units manufactured in non-automated processes during a specific period. Through an advanced system of analysis and visual recognition, Teal Neural can provide comprehensive tracking of the production pace, identifying each unit manufactured and recording it in real-time.

This real-time tracking capability of produced units offers you a detailed overview of production performance, allowing you to accurately assess the effectiveness of production processes. With this analysis, you can identify potential bottlenecks or efficiency issues that can be proactively addressed to enhance productivity.

Teal Neural contributes to the continuous improvement of production processes. By providing quantitative and precise data, you can establish baselines and measure the effectiveness of any changes or improvements implemented, ensuring data-driven decision-making at all times.

Utilise real-time information about the production pace to better plan storage, logistics, and the supply chain, optimising resources and minimising costs.

Cycle Time Measurement and Workflow Analysis

Thanks to its advanced technology, Teal Neural provides precise and detailed measurements of the time required to complete each production cycle or specific process, from start to finish. This valuable information results in a deep understanding of the time efficiency of processes, especially useful in scenarios where processes are not fully automated.

Every segment of production benefits from this precise time management. By understanding exactly how much time each step of the process takes, bottlenecks can be identified and eliminated, efficiency can be increased, and production planning can be improved. This, in turn, can lead to significant improvements in productivity and operational profitability.

With Teal Neural, you can assess the time an operator spends at a specific workstation. This information is valuable for determining the efficiency of each station and identifying potential improvements. Is an employee stuck at a station for longer than necessary? Could the workstation be optimised for faster performance? With the implementation of Teal Neural, you’ll get data-driven answers based on real-time data collected.

Teal Neural not only measures and records these cycle times but also analyses them in the context of historical trends and performance goals, and the frequency with which objects are handled or moved is measured and analysed to look for possible points of inefficiency. Unnecessary movement can lead to time losses and increased physical strain on workers. Teal Neural can help identify and eliminate such inefficiencies, improving productivity and employee well-being.

This type of analysis is especially valuable in processes that are not fully automated, where human variations can have a significant impact on efficiency. Teal Neural detects any deviations in cycle times and alerts responsible parties so that corrective actions can be taken in a timely manner.

In production environments where time optimisation is critical, the implementation of Teal Neural can be a differentiating factor. By enabling a deeper understanding and more effective management of cycle time, delays can be avoided, efficiency can be improved, productivity can be increased, and ultimately, better business performance can be achieved.

Quality Control

In the era of mass production, quality control is essential to maintain customer satisfaction and brand reputation. However, manual inspection of each product or component can be a slow and costly process. This is where Teal Neural can provide a significant advantage.

Our system utilises advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision techniques to monitor the production line in real-time. It can be configured to distinguish and classify products or components as they move along the conveyor belt. This ability to perform high-speed automated visual inspections is of great value to any production process.

Each product or component is scanned and analysed by the system, which looks for deviations from defined quality parameters. This can include anything from manufacturing defects like cracks or discoloration to dimensional differences or irregularities in finishing. If any defects are detected, Teal Neural alerts the operators so that they can remove the defective product, or it can be programmed to stop the production line if a high number of defective products are detected.

Furthermore, the data collected by Teal Neural can be used for quality reports, providing a detailed record of production and issues found. This not only facilitates continuous improvement but can also be used to comply with quality standards and industry requirements.

By ensuring that only the highest-quality products proceed to the next stage of the production process, Teal Neural helps minimise rework and warranty costs while enhancing the brand’s reputation. In summary, the implementation of Teal Neural in quality control allows companies to optimise their production process, increase customer satisfaction, and strengthen their position in the market.

Failure Prediction and Process Optimisation

Looking Towards the Future

Thanks to Teal Neural’s advanced algorithms, predicting failures in machinery and production processes is now a reality. Teal Neural processes and analyses vast amounts of data to detect patterns and signals that can anticipate impending failures. This allows maintenance teams to proactively take action before problems materialise, thus avoiding downtime and minimising associated costs.

Continuous Monitoring for Efficient Production

Teal Neural is designed to continuously monitor production processes, identifying anomalies in a timely manner. This not only enhances the efficiency of the production process but also contributes to increasing the quality of the final product. With Teal Neural, production becomes a more predictable and optimised process.

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