Controlled maintenance,

anticipation of results

Prevention of Incidents and Costly Failures

One of the most valuable applications of Teal Neural is its ability to prevent failures before they occur. Through constant monitoring and detailed analysis of operating conditions, Teal Neural can identify subtle changes and patterns that may indicate an emerging issue.

Temperature control is a key example. Unusual variations in temperature can be an early indicator of malfunction or an impending failure. By continuously monitoring equipment temperature, Teal Neural can alert operators to these changes, allowing them to investigate and address the issue before it causes a failure.

This has multiple benefits. First, it can prevent unplanned downtime that disrupts production and can lead to costly delays. Second, it can prevent more serious equipment damage that can be expensive to repair and, in the worst case, may require equipment replacement. Lastly, by identifying and addressing issues early, potential safety incidents that could endanger personnel can be avoided.

Using Teal Neural for monitoring and incident prevention not only improves efficiency and safety but can also have a positive impact on the company’s financial performance. The cost savings from avoided repairs, replacements, and downtime can be significant, and these savings can be reinvested in other areas of the company.

Preventive Maintenance

A notable feature of Teal Neural is its ability to anticipate future issues and establish a truly effective preventive maintenance program.

By recording and analysing machinery performance data and its operating patterns, Teal Neural can identify trends over time and make predictions based on that data.

A specific example is monitoring temperature trends.

By considering how these fluctuate in relation to usage and time, Teal Neural can predict when a machine might start to overheat and therefore require some form of intervention.

This data allows operators to proactively schedule machine maintenance before the problem escalates and causes a failure.

Furthermore, Teal Neural can optimise preventive maintenance by suggesting the most efficient timing for it.

For instance, the system can recommend scheduling maintenance during periods of lower production demand to minimise disruption to operations.

Teal Neural not only enhances the efficiency of the production process by preventing unplanned downtime but also helps extend the equipment’s lifespan.

This, in turn, can lead to significant long-term cost reductions as the need for frequent repairs and replacements is minimised.

Maintenance Forecast

Equipment preventive maintenance is a critical aspect of ensuring the efficiency and longevity of any production infrastructure. Thanks to Teal Neural, companies can transform their maintenance approach from reactive to proactive.

Utilising its deep learning and pattern analysis capabilities, Teal Neural continuously monitors the state and performance of machines over time. This constant monitoring, combined with its ability to analyse historical data and detect patterns, allows the system to predict when a machine is likely to need maintenance before a problem arises.

These predictions are valuable for several reasons:

Anticipate Issues, Strengthen Your Company

Optimise the performance of your processes through preventive maintenance.