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At Westpoint, we’re driven to offer top-tier professional services, going beyond merely supplying security products. Boasting a robust team of highly-skilled engineers and technicians, we deeply grasp our client’s unique needs, shaping and deploying bespoke, streamlined, and scalable solutions. Our meticulous installation and setup process dovetails with continuous support and maintenance plans, cultivating long-standing, trustworthy partnerships. This unwavering commitment to professional service cements our standing as the partner of choice for both global and domestic organisations aiming to elevate their electronic security capabilities.

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Professional Installation and Maintenance Services

Beyond mere products, a cornerstone of Westpoint’s value proposition lies in our exceptional professional services. This encompasses both the meticulous implementation of systems and their enduring maintenance and support.

Our seasoned team of engineers and technicians, who have vast experience in security projects, not only excel in technical execution but also recognise the imperative of consultative, unbiased guidance. This ensures our clients secure precisely the solution they need.

Before any system deployment, we conduct a thorough assessment of the client’s environment and specific requirements, tailoring each solution perfectly. We take the time to acquaint the end-user with system capabilities and operational intricacies, ensuring proficient utilisation. Once systems are up and running, we institute bespoke support and maintenance plans, actively monitoring performance and continually refining the system.

With specialists attuned to each technology and supplier, we pledge exemplary service for both global enterprise solutions and niche brands. Our multiple official certifications from manufacturers, complemented by our rigorous internal training regimen, guarantee our engineers and technicians are at the forefront of current advancements.

Furthermore, with over 1000 installations across Spain, our vast experience empowers us to handle projects of any scale or intricacy, from SMEs to vast implementations featuring thousands of cameras and biometric readers for global conglomerates.

The core professional services provided by Westpoint encompass:

  • Expert technology selection consultation
  • Requirement assessment and analysis
  • Architecture design and system sizing
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Turnkey installation
  • System tuning and optimisation
  • End-user training
  • Detailed documentation and manuals
  • Proactive remote monitoring
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Scheduled updates and migrations
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Warranty extensions
  • Performance evaluation
  • Status reports and strategic recommendations

With this comprehensive suite of top-tier professional services, we ensure systems function at their peak at all times, amplifying the client’s investment in security solutions. This approach fosters long-term relationships rooted in trust and peace of mind.

Electronic Security Solutions

One of Westpoint’s significant differentiators is our ability to provide and integrate a wide range of electronic security solutions to comprehensively protect an organization’s facilities. This is crucial because perimeter protection, access control, and video surveillance must function as a coordinated whole.

Our security experts initially survey each location, identifying vulnerabilities. We then design a customized solution that integrates various technologies to cover all possible weak points. Finally, we execute the implementation meticulously, ensuring the quality of each installation.

Among the key electronic security solutions provided and integrated by Westpoint are:

  • CCTV: Various types of surveillance cameras (IP, thermal, multidome, vandal-proof, etc.) with digital image recording.
  • Access Control: Biometric readers, proximity cards, turnstiles, revolving doors, centralized management.
  • Perimeter Detection: Infrared beam barriers, seismic sensors, glass break detectors, and more.
  • Volumetric Detection: Radar motion detectors, dual-technology sensors, anti-mask technology.
  • Automation: Integration of subsystems into a central management platform.
  • Intercom Systems: Electric door openers, video intercoms.
  • Fire Protection: Smoke and heat detectors, sprinkler systems, signaling.
  • Power Solutions: Uninterruptible power supplies, generators.
  • Structured Cabling: Communication backbone, racks, patch panels.
  • Networking: Redundant LAN/WAN networking for security equipment.
  • Servers and Storage: CCTV recorders, RAID storage for images.

With the ability to provide and integrate multiple technologies under a single solution, Westpoint can meet any electronic security requirement for corporate, industrial, retail, banking, and other applications. Our service doesn’t end with the delivery; it includes continuous monitoring and support to ensure optimal operation over time.

Leading Technology Partners

A key pillar underpinning our value proposition is the close partnership we maintain with some of the most prominent global security solution manufacturers. As certified partners or authorized channels for these industry-leading brands, we have direct access to their latest technology, receiving updates, product roadmaps, and technical training firsthand.

These strategic relationships enable us to complement our expertise in the local market with the best and most innovative solutions available internationally. Some of our key technology partners include:

  • Axis Communications: Network video cameras and encoders.
  • Hikvision: Leading solutions in video surveillance, facial recognition, and intelligent CCTV.
  • Flir: Thermal cameras and thermography.
  • Lenel: Security management and access control platforms.
  • Genetec: Unified electronic security and CCTV software.
  • Nedap: Access control and identification solutions.
  • Suprema: Biometric fingerprint readers and terminals.
  • Schneider Electric: CCTV and electrical protection.
  • Siemens: Fire detection and suppression systems.
  • Bosch: A wide range of professional security solutions.
  • Pelco: CCTV cameras and video transmitters.
  • Dallmeier: Professional recorders for CCTV.
  • Hanwha Techwin: Multichannel video surveillance cameras.

Backed by these leading companies, Westpoint is assured of always being at the forefront of technology and able to meet any requirement, even in the most demanding large-scale projects. Our close relationship with these brands guarantees local stock availability and direct factory support in any eventuality.

Industries and Markets Served

Our 20 years of accumulated experience, coupled with our wide range of solutions and technology partners, enables us to comprehensively address electronic security needs across various verticals. Among the primary markets where we focus our expertise are:

  • Corporate and Critical Infrastructure: Corporate CCTV, access control, intrusion detection, and automation solutions for office buildings, data centers, and industrial plants.
  • Retail: IP video surveillance, video analytics, intrusion detection, and anti-shoplifting solutions for retail chains and large stores.
  • Banking: High-security alarm systems, access control, and CCTV for branches, ATMs, and vaults.
  • Education: Pedestrian and vehicular access control, emergency systems, CCTV, and fire protection for educational institutions.
  • Hospitality: Electronic key systems and elevator control for hotels; CCTV and detection for casinos.
  • Healthcare: Temperature control, CCTV, fire protection, and refrigeration for hospitals and laboratories.
  • Transportation: Onboard CCTV, video analytics, vehicular WiFi for trains, airports, and vehicles.
  • Industry: Gas and smoke detection, vehicular access control, perimeter protection for production plants.
  • Sports: Facial recognition, ticketing control, HVAC, and evacuation systems for stadiums and arenas.
  • Critical Infrastructure: IP CCTV, intrusion detection, firewalls, access control for power plants, telecommunications facilities, water reserves, and more.
  • Residential: Alarms, smart locks, video intercoms, home automation for gated communities, private neighborhoods, and large real estate developments.

Whether for corporate clients or the public sector, we have the experience and expertise to meet the high-security requirements of any industry, integrating solutions from multiple providers into a unified, redundant, and highly available platform.

Our service doesn’t end with implementation; it includes ongoing support and maintenance plans, ensuring optimal system performance over time.

Top-Notch Human Team

Behind every successful security project lies an excellent human team. At Westpoint, we have one of the most talented groups of engineers and technicians in the industry, with extensive experience in electronic security solutions and certifications in the market’s leading technologies.

In addition to their solid academic backgrounds in electronics or computer science, our specialists receive regular training from manufacturers, keeping them up-to-date with the latest releases and best practices.

Westpoint’s multidisciplinary team includes profiles such as:

  • Project Engineers: Responsible for requirements gathering, solution design, and implementation management.
  • Product Engineers: Absolute mastery of technologies like CCTV, biometrics, networks, etc.
  • Integration Engineers: Experts in making solutions from multiple providers compatible and seamless.
  • Commissioning Engineers: Focused on installation, configuration, and testing.
  • Service Technicians: Handling preventive maintenance, updates, and 24×7 support.
  • Monitoring Specialists: Remote system operation and alarm response.

Report Analysts: Generating managerial reports and recommendations.

The spirit of excellence within our team has been proven through the successful implementation of the most demanding projects. Their commitment to customer success is reflected in the quality of both the solutions provided and the support delivered.

Due to their talent and dedication, our personnel is one of our primary assets and a key element of our value proposition to global technology partners.

Becoming Part of Global Solutions

For any global security company looking to expand into Spain, Westpoint is the ideal local partner: experienced, certified, backed by leading brands, and possessing an in-depth knowledge of the market. We can be your eyes, ears, and on-the-ground executors, perfectly representing your global service standards. And for any local integrator or client, we are your gateway to the most innovative global solutions, with the continuous post-sales support you deserve.

With a proven track record of successful projects and the support of our strong technology partners, we are prepared to become an integral part of the global machinery of any international provider. Whether through a formal exclusive representation partnership or collaborating on large projects, our flexibility allows us to adapt to the relationship model that best suits the needs of each company.

We can assume functions as varied as local distribution, pre-sales and customer demonstrations, turnkey implementation, integration with existing systems, 24×7 technical support, and local equipment and spare parts logistics. In summary, we are not just an installer; we position ourselves as strategic business partners, taking on all those specialized tasks that allow a global company to scale rapidly in Spain, reducing costs and risks, and leveraging our market knowledge.

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