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Specialized security for mass events

At Westpoint, we understand that achieving a successful mass event requires more than just functional organization. The safety of the attending public is equally critical. With years of experience in physical security solutions, we have developed specialized services to protect all types of temporary events, from massive concerts to corporate conferences.

We understand the client’s needs and offer top-level electronic security solutions.

Safety of individuals,

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Temporary Comprehensive Event Security Solutions

At Westpoint, we understand that security extends beyond permanent facilities. Temporary mass events such as concerts, conferences, fairs, and exhibitions also require the implementation of appropriate measures to protect attending audiences.

Our services in this domain can be provided directly by our staff when the event takes place in our direct operating region.

However, we also have agreements with qualified technological partners in other regions who act as our representatives to deliver temporary solutions following our high standards.

Prior Assessment and Solution Design

The process commences with a meticulous analysis of the physical venue where the event is scheduled to occur. Our experts examine site attributes, such as dimensions, the quantity of vehicular and pedestrian entry points, the placement of buildings and structures, potential obstacles, recreational zones, and any other pertinent factors affecting security.

Furthermore, we thoroughly evaluate variables including the projected attendance figures, the density and potential dispersion of the audience, the nature of planned activities, the event schedule, total duration, expected weather conditions, potential risks, and various other operational aspects.

Armed with this comprehensive data, our specialist team formulates an exhaustive risk assessment, allowing us to pinpoint critical areas requiring coverage and determine the requisite security resources. Subsequently, we devise a bespoke plan tailored to the specifics of the event.

Common Components

While each solution is tailored to the specifics of each case, there are several security components that typically form part of our comprehensive proposals for temporary events:

  • CCTV Cameras: Temporary cameras monitored from a centralized control center provide live surveillance.
  • Signage and Wayfinding: Directional signs assist in guiding the flow of people. Others provide essential information about exits, facilities, prohibitions, etc.
  • Fire Extinguishers and Detectors: Placed at specific intervals according to regulations, they enable quick control of early-stage fires.
  • Capacity Control: The only market-approved solution for event capacity control, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Dismantling and Removal

Following the conclusion of the event, our technicians proceed quickly and systematically to dismantle all temporary installations. External structures such as fences and signs, as well as all electronic and electrical equipment, are removed, leaving the site exactly as it was before the setup.

We also conduct a thorough cleaning, removing any residue left in the area. Finally, a last inspection is carried out to ensure that no security-related items are left behind. In this way, our comprehensive service includes dismantling and tidy restoration once the event is over, promptly freeing up the space for its usual use.

The Trust of a Specialised Partner

With the increasing popularity of temporary mass events, having professional security has become indispensable to safeguard the integrity of the attending public.

At Westpoint, we have the experience, resources, and technological partners to provide these turnkey temporary solutions tailored to each specific situation.

Whether it’s a concert, an international conference, or a company’s most significant event, our clients can focus on the attendees’ experience and the success of the occasion, trusting their security to true experts.

Temporary Mass Events Require Equally Effective Measures

Do not compromise the safety of your events. Trust in WestPoint for your peace of mind and that of your attendees.